Good Stuff

helvetica.jpg The film Helvetica, a movie for typeface nerds and the people who love them–if your partner doesn’t understand why you hate shopping at a place with a badly kerned sign, take them to this • Shearwater, a band fronted by an ornithologist (who studies caracaras); try their remastered and expanded album Palo Santo • The ’90s Canadian sitcom Twitch City with multitalented Don McKellar (check out his wonderful 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould) and the lovely Molly Parker, lately of Deadwood • The postmodern ventriloquism of Nina Conti, now on YouTube • Charcuterie by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn, an unapologetic rhapsody on fat, pork, salt, and smoke. Sidebar heading: “How real is the danger of botulism?” That’s my kind of cookbook. • Garfield is vastly improved if you remove his thought balloons • Hot Fuzz vs Shaun of the Dead? Which Simon Pegg/Nick Frost film is better? I love the DVD extras for Shaun, but it’s a close call. • Piedmont and Rue Cler, the latest new and promising contenders in the downtown Durham food scene • The point in an Ethiopian meal when you start tearing up the injera that’s been serving, up til now, as a plate.

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