Good Stuff

sydney.JPG Wallowing in the seriously comprehensive art and design bookstores of Sydney • J. G Ballard’s 1964 collection Terminal Beach, just for the story “The Drowned Giant” • Buying DRM-free Amazon MP3s; part of the satisfaction is watching iTunes sweating • John Crowley’s reading list of human cultures far weirder than fiction • Clive James’s poetry, particularly “The Pilgrimage of Peregrine Prykke”, and “The Book of My Enemy has Been Remaindered” • Re-reading Code of the Woosters and rediscovering its small and cheerful perfection kete.JPG • The beautiful plating of the ratatouille in the movie of the same name, for which I gather we must thank Thomas Keller • If you have so many fonts they’re effectively incomprehensible and unusable, and start using proper font management software like FontAgent Pro with auto-activation, the scales are lifted from your eyes and you feel ten feet tall • Getting a Christmas kete from your bosses of yummy local and organic treats, including home-made hummus • Buses that don’t just say SORRY, but alternate by flashing NOT ON SERVICE (Christchurch) or NOT IN SERVICE (Auckland)—Mike Bradstock drew my attention to this prepositional shift with latitude. • John Scalzi’s photo-essay of his visit to the Creation Museum in Kentucky

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