corite_rules_illo.jpg Sister Corita Kent’s Immaculate Heart College Art Department rules • Seth Godin’s unconventional and clear-headed Advice for Authors: publishing is venture capital, and books are souvenirs of your ideas • Taking a photo every day: doesn’t matter what of, just carrying a tiny camera everywhere and getting into the noticing habit • The Design Police’s Visual Enforcement Kit of design warning labels, like KERN THIS and BAD LOGO • Nina Simon’s splendid blog Museums 2.0, showing someone is thinking hard about museums and the Net (my favourite is the teen-mag-style flowquiz on how your museum should blog) • Some good tips from Ed Boyden on “How to Think”, including drawing while explaining and photographing the results • brill.jpgBuying a fresh brill from off the fishing boat, scaling, filleting, and frying it that same night in a white wine sauce; we called ours Brian • The moment when playing Spoon’s “The Underdog” on the ukulele where you realise you’re not sure if this is about the other person, or about you–the test of a good bitter love song • My favourite photographer Peter Peryer‘s plain-spoken and thoughtful blog, where he mulls over photos that didn’t make the cut. Why don’t all artists do this? • Migas made with good chorizo and old bread, both from the Farmer’s Market: a no-fuss weekend lunch for friends

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