Good Stuff

charango.jpg New Zealand being the world’s oldest democracy (Icelandic women didn’t get the vote until 1915, and the Isle of Man is not a country, thank you very much) • Jessica caring about apostrophes as much as I do • You Look Nice Today, world’s funniest podcast, is what you would expect from three yappy geeks combining potty humour with Voltaire • “May the sinews of his hams snap suddenly in moments of achievement!”, chant the artisans in Ernest Bramah’s delectable chinoiserie, the Kai Lung stories I recently unearthed from storage • The charango, a ten-stringed South American ukulele played to excellent effect on the latest Minisnap album skull.jpg• That pleasing moment-without-a-name when the song on your car radio and your turn signal are in perfect rhythmic synchrony • The anachronistic typography in the Indiana Jones movie maps (I was proud I spotted the Avant Garde in Crystal Skull) • Having the hatefulness of Comic Sans rudely recognised in the comic Achewood • The disadvantage of an elite American education persuasively argued by William Deresiewicz • Using a true “et” ampersand like Trebuchet’s to write et cetera as etc.gif

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