yiddish Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish Policemen’s Union: the perfect gift for people who don’t think they like genre fiction • The best Latin name for your little toe is porcellus plorans domum, lit. piglet crying homeward; porcellus fori, domi, carnivorus and nonvoratus are left as an exercise for the reader • Hard-nosed advice on how book publishing works (and something I wish I’d read before starting the process) from Mark Hurst • Seeing to the “Dark Knight” with someone who rants about tardive dyskinesia and how it’s mean to pick on the mentally ill • Rediscovering that A Pattern Language is a wonderful cult, an architecture book that solves the problems of the world, like Ayn Rand for grownups • Sure, a minus sign isn’t the same as a hyphen or an en dash, but ditto marks are different from double quotes. Who knew?mtgoatspresskit.jpg • The new (and superb) Mountain Goats album Heretic Pride and especially its comic-book press kit • The cunning laser printer trick of sticking a little piece of tape over the toner sensor to get 1000 or so more copies–sticking it to the Man indeed • Kate Atkinson’s crime fiction: funny, novelistic, rich in character, full of ludicrous coincidence–everything crime fiction isn’t supposed to be • And lightning shot in slow motion, more awesome than I can describe.

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