Good Stuff

Yahtzee Zero Punctuation, hilarious foul-mouthed rapid-fire videogame reviews (and I don’t even play videogames) • Jan Morris’s Europe—like Last Letters from Hav (one of my favourite books), but not fictional • The Twist, by Frightened Rabbit, from the album The Midnight Organ Fight; I can’t stop listening to it, but have no idea who these guys are • XKCD does it again, with a flowchart on how to read flowcharts • Beethoven, endearingly, never got the hang of multiplication (he’d calculate 9 × 7 by adding up the number 9 seven times) • ReCaptcha, which takes all that useless effort spent typing distorted words (to prove you’re not a robot), and applies it to proofreading blurry text from old scanned books • Instead of saying “music piracy” (because, after all, real piracy is alive and well and not very much like downloading MP3s), reviving the excellent term “bootleggingSports Night• Thomas Benton’s Chronicle advice on graduate school in the Humanities: “Just don’t go• Sports Night marathons via YouTube • The pleasure of actually throwing out a hopeless, waste-of-mental-space book (Cliff Stoll’s Silicon Snake Oil, or anything by Ayn Rand)—not all book-burning is bad.

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