SO everything on Pandora is hexapod except for humanoids with DNA just like ours. Presumably seeded by ancient astronauts or unsubtle God. THUS Pandora proves God exists, or we’re exhibits in an alien’s zoo, or Neanderthals had spaceships. Why wasn’t THAT the plot? “Unobtanium”? • My nephew is 12 weeks old, but his Facebook page says he was born in 1978. Still, it’s better than being used as your mum’s profile photo. • The Aughts were a good decade for novelty New Year’s glasses. Though novelty-glasses manufacturers can eke out one more year with balancing punctuation. Happy 2010! Or should that be Happy 2010? • I suspect that ABBA never actually used an a·b·b·a rhyme scheme in their songs, but I’m too frightened to find out. • Wittgenstein’s brother was a one-armed concert pianist, and his sister helped Freud escape the Nazis. Also, he went to school with Hitler. • Yay Rowan Atkinson re: the Danish cartoons: “The right to offend is far more important than any right not to be offended.” • Horrible French toast at Dixon St Deli, now just a café; “Deli” thus a vestigial organ, like an appendix. Which might be tastier. Now they’re playing the entire “Queen’s Greatest Hits’ CD. Flash! Aaa-aah! Queen: less breakfasty than you would think. The Deli must not like me mooching unsecured wireless (thx, “Studio”) for Twitter kvetching: Ben Harper medley. No, Queen. Rock Me —> out. • Helping hold the banner at a Republican protest is an excellent way to get a good view of Prince William. He so dreamy. Also balding. Unfortunately by the time I got my camera out I only managed a photo of the Royal Bald Spot. “What about our leaky homes?” shouts megaphone man. Yes, Prince William. It’s your fault. Royals: fix our leaky homes! • What do you call a “fusion of yoga and pilates” anyway? Yolates or piloga? They supply yoga mats. I hope they also supply spray-on deyogarisor. For that piloga odour. Man, I’m on fire today. • @adzebill

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