Now know a Ms Coxhead and a Ms Loverich. Feel like I’ve wandered into a Restoration comedy. No powdered bosoms though. • Did you remember both eggs and ham being green? It’s true. The protagonist has his epiphany after one egg; I’d be more afraid of green ham. • Māori attributed most of Aotearoa’s topography to 1) lust, 2) accident, or 3) vandalism. So basically a landscape created by teenagers. • Forget bungee jumping or running with the bulls, thrillseekers; try giving a two-hour practical demonstration of software you’ve never used. • Because my office is next to the toilets, I dread one day being able to identify my colleagues by the sound they make when peeing. • Wolf Hall really puts the boot into Thomas More, as if Mantel wanted to cancel out A Man for All Seasons. The city I’m currently in is named after one of the plot points of Wolf Hall, set 500 years ago and on the other side of the world. • Anne Boleyn > Henry VIII > Wars of the Roses > Parhelion > Green flash > Criticality accident > Edge of Darkness. Thanks, Wikipedia. • Camus slept with Koestler’s wife, and in return she bought him a cool trench coat. “OMG, it’s just like Bogart’s!” “You betcha, Al.” • Camus slept with Mamaine Koestler, Sartre would’ve but couldn’t / Koestler slept with Simone de Beauvoir, Camus could’ve but wouldn’t. • Bright Star surely contained as many frocks as Sex in the City. Should have been called No Sex in the Country. SPOILER: Keats carks it. • Overheard: “The MATURE students were asking question after question for the WHOLE of the lecture!” [Shi, how we spose LEARN’ything?] • I should probably not mention to people that I import my pencils from America. There’s no positive spin to put on that, is there? • Saying homeopathy = 1 drop in the Pacific is true, but you sound like a wacko. People back away. Try “less than 1 drop in a swimming pool.” • Jonathan Livingstone Seagull sounds much more butch in Greek (Ho Glaros Ionathan) and Catalan (Joan Salvador Gavina). The Thai version is fairly lame though: Chonathan Lifwingsatan Nangnuan. And now I’m having flashbacks to the dire 1973 Neil Diamond soundtrack album. A fave of my folks at the time. • “Teacher, Poet, Activist.” Words that chill the soul. • Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art is a fabulous procrastination-breaker. Just ignore the cruddy H&J, and skim the bits about angels. • Our acting boss during the restructuring wasn’t sure what his job title should be. I suggested Plus Ça Change Manager. • @adzebill

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