Musil: Our only idée fixe should be the determination to avoid one. • Pi Day is March 14th, 3/14, and Super Pi Day will be in five years, 3/14/15. It only works in the USA, because we’d have to say 31/4/15, and there aren’t 31 days in April. So did you miss American Pi Day? • It seems wrong that the rest of the world had to wait until July to celebrate lame-o Approximate Pi Day (22/7). • IT is a tool, not a subject. I’ll be the IT Guy if my colleagues agree to be Books Man, Biro Lady, and Dr Notepad. • To date old NZ cookbooks, look for cakes named after the Governor General. (True!) Today, who could tell you the GG’s name? Race? Sex? Will anyone bake / an Anand Cake? • 2/3 of ICT pros at recent uni showcase couldn’t use Powerpoint properly. Ditto most prize-winning educators at a recent teaching workshop. Using Powerpoint “improperly” = silly animation, endless bullet lists, incomprehensible diagrams, pointless clip art… Also: tell not show, slides crammed with text, and even clicking “next” button on the control palette rather than using the keyboard. Guns don’t kill people; bullet points kill people. (Or make them wish they were dead. Same thing.) Proposal: encouraging presenters to sign a PowerPoint Abstinence Pledge, for which they get a Purity Ring (orange, with a bullet). • Have started writing a book on how to format one’s dissertation. Hoping it will be picked up by a major Hollywood studio. • Why take the ferry to Quail Island? Two words: leper graves. Leper. Graves. Is there anything more likely to inspire a wee lad? • Lazy student writing: opening with a dictionary definition. Lazy professor writing: opening with Google search-result numbers. • The closest I get to playing sport is zapping flies with an electrified tennis racquet, Most games are 40-15, with a strong fly backhand. • The manuka at Wanaka bloom mainly around Hanukkah. • On a single stroll down a Paris boulevard in 1840, Liszt ran into Heine, Balzac, Chopin, and Berlioz (from Michael Dirda’s Book by Book). • When Koestler stopped believing in Communism, he compensated by believing in everything else. • @adzebill

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