Extra Credit Biology Questions

  1. Which king died from eating too many lampreys?
  2. Which Roman emperor saved a slave from being thrown to the lampreys?
  3. What’s the green stuff in the yolk of hard-boiled eggs, and how do you stop it appearing?
  4. Where can one see Arnold Schwartzeneggar’s handprints (not just footprints) on public display?
  5. What problem does the Scarecrow face when he gets his brain?
  6. There’s a science fiction story I read once where a mad scientist operated on crocodiles to repair the imperfect septum in their heart and make it four-chambered. The crocs became frisky, agile, and started putting on weight. What happened to them ultimately?
  7. What’s the major scientific flaw in this story?
  8. How many Philistines did Samson slay with the jawbone of an ass?
  9. Why an ass?
  10. When did people stop calling the stuff in your head ‘your brains’ and start calling it ‘your brain’, and why?
  11. Do people really eat live monkey brains?
  12. Which bit of the cow’s stomach tastes nicest?
  13. How can you tell that skeleton on the banner belonged to a bird, and was it a bird that could kick you to death?

3 thoughts on “Extra Credit Biology Questions

  1. mike dickison, of illinois

    in honor of us not meeting before now, i only answered the odd ones. perhaps we may indeed get to answer the even one at a later date.

    1. King Henry I. of course he was english. one of many reasons the yanks went to war with them.
    2. overcooked yolk. don’t cook it so long.
    3. it was a math equasion, unless you meant him trying to find dorothy a way home.
    4. perhaps the deviated septum was on its face, not the heart?
    5. to allow the postulation that in the american senate, populations just look dead by the jawboning of asses.
    6. no, they use brains removed from now dead monkeys
    7. from it’s obvious beak, and no.
  2. mike dickison, of illinois

    actually, in answer to your last question, it appears to have heavy pelvis, femur and large tibia, sternum and ribcage too small to support flight, no forearms or wings, some very light caudal vertebrae, the other part of the picture not withstanding, and an upright posture.

    an incomplete skeleton of a biped carnevoire, missing forearms, a head, and a pubis bone in the hip? not likely. how about that of a extinct moa? most of the parts are there. could it be? and did it kick, perhaps, but not likely humans, as they were long gone before the Maori.

    am i right for a non-orinthologist?

  3. mike dickison, of illinois

    ii did a bit of research on the septum of the croc. shows i have a lot to learn about heart anatomy. if the septum was fixed by said mad scientist, the heart would not be changed much. as there are two seperate circulatory systems, improving efficiency already, joining them would possibly slow the croc to a very slow dead. but that is why he was a mad scientist.

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