A rare white kiwi is hatched, and every children’s-book author in New Zealand enters a grim race only one can win. • I would so join a historical-reenactment tramping club in which everyone wore tweed three-piece suits. The Tweedy Tramping Club would require gentlemen to don a tie for photo shoots but a simple kerchief would suffice whilst hiking. • Vincent Price born May 27; Peter Cushing born May 26; Christopher Lee born … May 27! Might just be something to this astrology nonsense. • For an Engineering project on rural water delivery, student designed a bullock cart, randomly referred to throughout the report as a bollock cart. Through a terrible error of scale, the plans would only work for a bullock less than four feet long. #stonehenge • Helped a Geography student understand the difference between South America and South Africa, and cleared up which one the Amazon was in. • I am not paid enough to argue with ECON105 students who have just discovered economic theory and claim reality is in error. • Watering pot plants with the water from the dehumidifier, humming “The Circle of Life” to myself. • I think planking is lovely; so nice to have our own truly gormless fad to look back on (qv. CB radio, pet rocks, spelling). Plankers have plenty of time to work out what to say to their future grandkids’ mocking inquiries. I predict 20% “Yeah, that was a bit dumb” to 80% “Oh, no, I never did no planking, not me.” #buttheinternetneverforgets • Just reminding you Werner Herzog got shot during a a TV interview and insisted in continuing. Also, he rescued Joaquin Phoenix from a car crash. • “Vautours charognards” [hooded vultures] is my Menacing Foreign Phrase for the week. • Daytime soaps are just superhero comics in mufti. Fans of one have no grounds for mocking fans of the other. • John Perry Barlow thought the Net was the Wild West because he lived in Wyoming. What bias do we island-dwellers have? • I’m not an architect, but I don’t know what I don’t like. • @adzebill

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