Come on, New Zealand. You can make me pretend to know who Dan Carter is. But you can’t make me pretend to care. • Can’t wait for @Herodotus, who’s tweeting the Histories, to get to his eyewitness account of the Flying Snakes of Buto. “This guy says he saw thousands of skeletons of snakes with bat wings!” “Cool! He’s obviously not on drugs! Let’s make him the Father of History!” • I think we’ve lost the battle of “blog” vs “blog post”. People who just “wrote a blog”: where do I read that “blog”? In your blog? • NZ ships in the 1860–70s helped supply Pacific-caught slaves to Queensland plantations. And Fiji had the KKK. • Rousseau abandoned 5 illegitimate babies at a foundling hospital; Ben Franklin noted that hospital had an 85% mortality rate. • Google Wave was actually a great product; it was the users who were insufficiently well designed. • Any unpleasant activity can be redeemed by adding “positive” to it: positive procrastination, positive discrimination, positive thinking. • The last sentence of Henry Darger’s autobiography reads, “There is one really important thing I must write which I have forgotten.” • Rumour of the day: an exterminator supposedly claims the CBD is infested with rats with manes that come from SE Asia. • How does an action hero commandeer a strange car without bunny-hopping or stalling as they figure out the clutch? I’d have some sympathy for the protagonist if they accidentally washed the window instead of indicating. Not that Jason Bourne indicates. • The trade paperback was invented in 1952 by Jason Epstein, who founded the New York Review of Books & married NYT reporter Judith Miller. Jason and Judith must surely argue about whose legacy will endure longest: US troops in Iraq, or paperback books. • In Betty Kenward’s society columns whenever the Queen, was mentioned a comma was added after her name (grammar be damned). This superfluous nominal comma could be named a Kenward Comma in her memory. • Pushkin and Lermantov were killed in separate duels by the same pair of pistols. • Happy to see the student who could not add 66 and 8 without a calculator has passed Engineering Intermediate. • @adzebill

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