Lingua Americana

American colloquialisms I plan to add to my vocabulary. (Note these sound uniquely and inadvertantly dopey in a New Zealand accent, enough to make any nearby American laugh so hard their soda comes out their nose. Use responsibly.)

  • The good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise
  • No dog in that fight
  • All y’all
  • North Cackalacky
  • Shut up! (expr. of incredulity)
  • Dude, don’t harsh my mellow (alt. …harsh my buzz)
  • Big whoop
  • Asshat or, even better, Assclown
  • Butter my butt and call me a biscuit!
  • Like a mofo
  • Whatever (W sign with fingers; bonus points for extended version, with accompanying hand signs: …because You aRe A Loser)
  • Hello!
  • My bad
  • Dude, that shit ain’t cool
  • Tastes like ass (v. important to say ass, not arse, as I have learned to my cost.)
  • Get your (noun) on.
  • The Devil’s beating his wife (when it rains while sunny)
  • A long ride on the waaaaahmbulance
  • Git ’er done!

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